Writing Stay-Cations gif style

Writing is hard, yo! Really hard.

Finding TIME to write is next to impossible. At least for me. Between working 40+ hours each week at the day job, being a mom of a four year-old with a serious case of ‘the mommies,’ and life in general, there isn’t much time left for writing. Unless I don’t sleep. And nobody wants that. Really.

Me without sleep is somewhat like this…

baby freakout

To fix my writing fixation, I took a stay-cation from the day job. For a whole week I pretended to be a big-girl-panties writer and work on my WIP.

My goal was to complete my first draft of Terraza (working title). That meant I needed to pump out about 60k in a weeks time. I had a goal, a plan. Hell, I even had a very rough outline! [Side note, I’m not an outliner]¬†At the start of the week, I was PUMPED! I was charged, ready to show my master skillz. Kinda like this…


By mid-week, my high hopes were dashed. I wasn’t even halfway to my goal. Mostly because of a little sum-sum in the form of this…



Anywho, my grand plans fell flat, like this…Spiderman-wall-flip

I wrestled with myself to focus, to gain the upper hand of the situation much like this…


Or this…


BUT… It ended up looking more like this…


So what started out as a 60,000 word journey into my imagination…


Turned out to be a very modest, yet admirable 30,000 word journey.


I may not have met my initial goal, but I accomplished a LOT over the last week and still feel like this…

tina fey high five

And as I look forward to the next leg of my journey, I know I will KILL IT. I will show those words who’s boss and BRING IT.

Like this…


Here’s to conquering you dreams!

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