Fun with Avatars

When I got up this morning, I totally had the intention of working on my latest WIP. I didn’t have the opportunity ALL week to work on it and was going through a slight withdrawal. My creative juices were dammed up inside threatening to overwhelm me. It got so bad, I became slightly aggravated with everyone around me. It was weird, like a freak writers PMS thing.

The Kiddo is in the midst of potty training so this morning kind of got shot all to hell for writing. I couldn’t ‘get in the zone’ watching the clock, timing Kiddo’s trips to the potty so we avoided a mess. So after he went down for his nap I figured, “this is it!” Yeah, no. It didn’t happen. Why? ‘Cause I found this website…
But it all works out! I spent all afternoon working on my characters. I tell ya, it was a freakin’ BLAST!!! I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to get a semi-visual on the characters in their head. You know what they look like. You write about them, have done the character sheets, maybe some interviews, and you have this picture in your head. With this trick website I was able to sort of ‘flesh out’ my characters more.
Now, it’s not exact, but it comes pretty darned close. I would have liked more options with hair and colors, but it was still a lot of fun. Since I had so much fun, I thought I would share!
These kids here are the main characters from my WIP Fiáin , Bree and Kennon…
And my new WIP (tentatively titled Gifted) is centered around these cats here, Moira, Finlay and Devlin…
Moira, Devlin and Finlay
The best part of this character journey is really seeing your characters. Playing on FaceYourManga was too much fun and I will definitely keep this in mind the next time I feel like ‘fleshing out.’ It was a great exercise in making those voices in my head just a little more real…
Happy Writing!

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