Writing and Stuff

This is a spot were I’d like to share some websites I’ve found to be SUPER helpful. Nobody is perfect (certainly not me) and writing is a continuous journey.

Oh the fretful query… Need help? Ask the Query Shark

Need help tweaking/perfecting a pitch, logline, First Pages, and the kitchen sink?  Miss Snark’s First Victim can help.

Let’s talk agent speak and get inside info from the horses mouth with Agent Kristin.

The ins and outs from other YA authors on the YA Highway.

More awesome ins and out from the YA Muses.

Agent info (aka Query Bible) at AgentQuery.

Writing Sci-Fi or Fantasy? Check out SFWA for oodles and oodles of priceless info.

Check — that — background! Preditors and Editors

Need some quick editing advice? Blind to your own mistakes? This writing aid will let you know when you’re being stupid.

Questions? Concerns? Need advice? Absolute Write’s water cooler talk can help.