About Me


Chocolate, red wine, a good pair of jeans, and cuddles from her young son are the makings for a happy Deena. She’s also one of the biggest dorks she knows. And she wears that badge proudly, thank you very much. From Star Wars to LEGOs, Marvel to DC, Transformers to slap-stick humor, Deena believes there’s a teenage boy secretly living in her brain.

Deena’s path to writing was a long and meandering one, but she’s always loved a great story. Falling love with The Lord of the Rings books in her early twenties was the best thing to ever happen to her. From there, Deena discovered Terry Brooks, R.A Salvatore, Robert Jordan, and, of course, J.K Rowlings. These influences help her to create stories of adventure, humor, and heart readers of all ages can enjoy.

Originally from Northern California, Deena is learning life as a Southerner. After moving to Tennessee, she fell in love with the feel and essence of the state; hummingbirds abound, cicadas (but not on the 13th and 17th years, because there are limits to gross), lightnin’ bugs, and sweet tea. When Deena isn’t writing, she’s reading, doing the day job thing, and reviewing books at YA Books Central.

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