New Year’s Remembrance

On the eve of 2013, I’d like to take a moment to remember the best friend a girl could ever have…

A true friend is so very hard to find.
One who is loving, supportive and kind,
A welcome grin and energetic hello’s,
With power to heal all of life’s woes.
A shoulder to lean on when in need
Being the rock is in their creed.
To love when our hearts are surely broken
To heal all scars without a word spoken.

To make us laugh with unending joy
When enthralled with the simplest of toys.
Sticks and balls and a tug rope or two,
A Frisbee, a bone; whatever you choose.
Maybe a squeaky toy or maybe a cat
To chase ‘round the house, as a matter of fact,
They’ll encourage a walk, or better yet, a run;
Just grab the lead and it’s all about fun.
A trip in the car is the biggest way to please
These creatures so dear to our hearts, don’t you see?
Front seat or back seat; it matters not
As long as their human is the one they’ve got.
Being our partner in life is always their goal
And maybe a treat and a heaping food bowl
‘Cause a head scratch and a thorough belly rub
Are prices gladly paid to be part of this club

Of a human and her dog, twin souls forever.
No matter how hard life is to weather.
“Where you go, I go!” She wags with a wiggle
Of her body and I can’t contain my giggle.
“Mountains, or deserts, or rivers, or streams,
We’ll tackle them all ‘cause we are a team!”
“New houses, new yards, new pee-mails to check,
New cats, new humans; well, oh what the heck?
Even the little human, who I never asked for,
Can be part of my pack while we roll on the floor.”

So you see, it’s rather quite simple and true,
‘Man’s best friend’…a dog, and then you.
Bonded together, no matter how little the time,
‘Twas time well spent, with that best friend of mine.
From puppy years of chewing and barking and more,
Potty training, digging, vet visits and snores,
Slobbering on windows, yanking the leash,
Licking my face every time you could reach.
Sitting on feet, leaning against my leg,
And listening to me when I said, “Don’t beg!”
Howling at fire trucks, bouncing at the back door,
Hysterical ‘bath time theatrics’ that made my gut sore,
Hiding from the vacuum, ‘clean up the mess’
Rawhides were okay, Nylabones were the best.

Being allowed on the bed was a super special treat
You’d run ‘round crazy in a furry blonde streak.
A decade of memories tucked away in my heart.
How much I miss you? Don’t know where to start.
Best friends can be human for some, I believe.
Mine? A goofy lab mutt who refused to retrieve.
My imperfect diamond, my flawed little pearl,
My best friend, my Arwen, always my ‘Baby Girl.’
Rest easy, my sweet Arwen… 12/25/01 – 12/06/12